Trade Finance


TradePawa is an online platform for application and issuance of trade finance instruments such as bid bonds with an option of generating a hard copy of the bond at your convenience.

It provides a reliable, affordable link amoung parties in a trade finance transaction.

Who Can Benefit from TradePawa?

Tenderers                               Banks                                           Procuring Entities/Buyers

Bidders                                  Financial Institutions


Improve turn-around-time of application and issuance of trade finance products

Got A Tender?

Simply log on to the TradePawa platform to begin applying for your bid bond.

Key Benefits of TradePawa Platform

Financial Institution
  1. Low capex
  2. Plug in and join as an extra channel for additional traffic
  3. Secure system
  4. Easy system integration
  1. Enhanced turnaround time (TAT)
  2. Print authenticated bid bond from the comfort of your desk.
  3. Access to a wide range of preferred Financial Institutions using a single platform.
  4. Monitor the different stages of processing the bid bonds using the TradePawa portal.
  5. The portal’s bid bond records can be used for future references.
  6. Easy to access via smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop.