Salary Processing

Salary Processing & Bulk Payments Overview

FinPay is a payment solution for fund remittance. It is a module within the Chequepoint that provides for a back-office engine that integrates with the corporate collections systems, while seemingly allowing the bank to utilize its “front office” channels to facilitate payments collections targeting the bank corporates and other billers.

We have over 15 satisfied customers across Africa who currently use our FinPay system integrated with their country Revenue Tax systems, respective core banking and bank clearing systems. The FinPay solution can cater for corporate companies across various sectors including tax revenue authorities, counties or municipalities, utility companies, agricultural trading consortiums, pension collecting companies, health funds and education institutions among others.

Key Benefits

  • Online Cheque Image Deposit both Off-Us and On-Us.

  • Serializable bulk payments like salaries and supplier payments.

  • Scalability to add additional payments such as Utility, RTGS, etc.

  • Includes bulk Mobile Money for automatic payment of many Mobile Money transactions at a go.

  • Historical payment records fully available.

  • Always available and promptly accessible.