Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus Overview

Fintech’s Enterprise Service Bus provides the middleware and interfaces that allow businesses to connect their system applications without the need to write programming code. It integrates connections for any form of data sources, third party systems or external applications

It integrates different applications by putting a communication bus between them that enables each application to talk to each other via the Fin-Flex ESB.

The system facilitates organizational agility and reduces time to market for new initiatives by providing a simple, well defined, “pluggable” system that is easily scalable for future growth.

Key Benefits

  • Online Cheque Image Deposit both Off-Us and On-Us.

  • Serializable bulk payments like salaries and supplier payments.

  • Scalability to add additional payments such as Utility, RTGS, etc.

  • Includes bulk Mobile Money for automatic payment of many Mobile Money transactions at a go.

  • Historical payment records fully available.

  • Always available and promptly accessible.