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TradePawa – Simplifying Bid Bond Generation.

TradePawa Simplifying Bid Bond Generation. In the realm of procurement and bidding processes, bid bonds play a crucial role in ensuring the credibility and commitment of bidders. However, the traditional method...

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Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion What is Azure Bastion?  Azure Bastion is a seamless and secure way to access your virtual machines via SSH and RDP from the azure portal using SSL without exposing the public IP address. When util...

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Reflecting On 30 Years In Business

“The Only Constant in Life is change,” Heraclitus. It is therefore even more remarkable when companies today operate successfully on the market for many decades; and this happens even more rarely in...

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The Kapilink Platform

The Kapilink Platform is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Finance & Collections Use technology to optimize your working capital. Fintech Group, a leading enterprise technology solutions provider in Africa, prov...

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Increase effectiveness while increasing customer satisfaction.

As recent events limited traditional company-customer interactions, many businesses have been in search of ways to provide their customers with easy access to quality service. Being able to understand the chall...

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LEASEPAC asset-based financing management system creates efficiency in Uganda

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Fintech Group Shake Hands with 4thWave

Fintech Group, a leading enterprise technology solutions provider in Africa has announced their partnership with 4thWave, a Finance and Banking As-A-Service platform provider. Through this partnership, Fintech ...

Mobile Banking
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The digitization of SACCO is supported by three key arguments. The first is that people in all parts of the world, especially in Africa, are very comfortable with mobile financial services. When it comes to mob...

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An Effective Way to Address IT Knowledge Gaps in Your Team

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to digitize and find new ways to continue addressing their customers’ needs. To do this effectively, their workforce must have strong digital skill...

Financial Services

The Bank’s Role in Accelerating Financial Inclusion

Many people around the African continent don’t have a bank account and this is due to various reasons including: Limited access as there are no bank branches in remote/rural areas. Unavailability of affo...