Success Stories

Reflecting On 30 Years In Business

“The Only Constant in Life is change,” Heraclitus. It is therefore even more remarkable when companies today operate successfully on the market for many decades; and this happens even more rarely in the IT industry, which feels like it is in a permanent state of transformation. Many famous brands and products from the early days of the Internet have since disappeared but Fintech Group has skilfully and innovative maneuvered through the storms of the digital sea. In the process, the financial technology firm has grown continuously from year to year.

Key Milestones for Fintech-Group

Here are the major milestones through OSI Digital’s 30-year history:

1. 1993 – Fintech Founded. Initially, Fintech focused on core banking systems then added Microsoft, Compaq, and Oracle and custom-developed a solution.

2. 1994-2000 – Implemented Micro-banker in over 70 banks across Africa.

3. 2001-2006 – Developed various financial services software solutions including Chequepoint, ATM Bridge, and Leasepack among others.

  • Microsoft Country Partner of the Year (2004)

4. 2007 -2013 – Developed finFinancials

  • Introduced banking channels i.e Mobile and Internet Banking Solutions.
  • Developed and deployed the first shared cloud-based solutions for SACCOs in kenya.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year (2013)

5. 2013-2023 – Commissioned the MFI HUB – a shared cloud-based platform for saccos and MFIs (Microfinance Institutions)

  • Developed finFlex Enterprise Service Bus
  • Inaugurated Microsoft IT Training Center in Harare

Our Commitment to Customers Remains the Same

At Fintech-Group, we take a personal approach to our relationships with our clients and ensure they feel heard. It’s the secret sauce behind our proven business results and why more than 93% of our clients choose to work with us again and again. We understand our customers’ businesses and the specific industries they serve like no other. Our customer-first mentality has simply never wavered. It’s not just what we
do that matters. It’s how we do it. Regardless of any situation, Fintech Group never leaves a customer behind and will do whatever it takes to ensure their businesses succeed. No matter how complex the requirement is, Fintech always gets the job done.
We bridge the Gap between Business and Technology.

Our People & Culture

As Fintech Group moves forward into a new decade, our dynamic culture always remains. To provide our clients with the most effective solutions to empower them to better serve their customers. We believe we have some of the best and brightest talents in the industry and combined with our culture, flexibility, and customer service attitude – it’s a winning team.

Through the years, we have built a company of top-performing professionals whose personal characteristics such as innovation, flexibility, professionalism, and excellence will continue to define what we stand for, Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology.

Over the past 30 years, our culture and values (Trust, Honesty, and Transparency) have not wavered at Fintech-Group, and we believe that our people are our greatest asset and are the key to our longevity in business. Everybody who works at Fintech Group has chosen to be in the customer service business and has a direct line of sight to our customers. We’ve managed to maintain our family-oriented culture despite our geographic growth and expansion. I believe we keep winning because of our people who represent Fintech Group as incredible ambassadors every single day.

Today, the Fintech Group is better and bigger than ever before. Over 200 employees now work for Fintech in East and Central sub-Saharan Africa with 5 African regional offices, namely Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius, and clients’ solution footprints in over 25 African countries.

The products and solutions portfolio are now around 30 that cater for the needs of financial institutions, private companies, government, and non-governmental organisations. The company has evolved from a pure financial solution provider into a broad-based IT software development solutions provider and is now considered one of the most successful IT Service providers in the African continent.

The company’s core management has continued to forward with their vision. Our passion is to be true “system integrator”. We bridge the gap between business and technology.

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