Success Stories

The Kapilink Platform

The Kapilink Platform is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Finance & Collections
Use technology to optimize your working capital.

Fintech Group, a leading enterprise technology solutions provider in Africa, provides a cloud-based platform that is transforming Supply Chain Financing in Africa and around the continent. Kapilink, is an end-to-end platform that builds an ecosystem of financiers, large corporate, and SMEs, to facilitate Supply Chain Financing and Collections in one place. The platform gives businesses access to finance without affecting credit lines, while helping lenders deploy their capital through the low-risk Supply Chain Finance method of lending.

Through Kapilink, buyers (Anchors) can negotiate their payment terms, suppliers (SMEs) can get paid earlier. Though supply chain
financing is not a new phenomenon for large banks, the high cost of on-boarding suppliers and manual paperwork have been significant barriers to its growth. However, with the digitisation of these processes, banks stand to gain by using the platform to save time, diversify their portfolio and make earnings

“While facilitating SMEs, we will also enhance lending opportunities for banks and lenders through our capital financing marketplace, by on boarding large public and private sector corporates along with their upstream and downstream supply chain partners.” said Vincent Ondiff, Business Development General Manager at Fintech Group.

Kapilink helps to improve working capital management and liquidity generation through supporting various working capital solutions such as: invoice discounting, factoring and dynamic discounting. T and lenders (Financial Institutions) get opportunity to deploy their funds and make earnings, as well add client base to their portfolio. The Kapilink Supply Chain Financing & Collections Platform is a win-win
for all players involved.

The platform is fully configurable supports various working capital solutions such as invoice discounting, factoring and dynamic discounting. It has very sector-focused models to address the financing needs of their supply chain participants. If you would like to see how this anchor-driven supply chain way of financing works, and for more information, contact us as at or visit www.fintech