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Fintech Group Shake Hands with 4thWave

Fintech Group, a leading enterprise technology solutions provider in Africa has announced their partnership with 4thWave, a Finance and Banking As-A-Service platform provider.

Through this partnership, Fintech launched Kapilink – an innovative Digital Platform that brings together lenders and businesses to facilitate Supply Chain Financing and Collections in one place. Kapilink gives businesses access to finance, without affecting bank credit lines. On the other hand, it helps lenders deploy capital through the low-risk Supply Chain Finance method of lending.

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COVID-19 has been inimical to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across the world. Sadly, traditional lending models have not afforded easy access to working capital, even under the contemporaneous extended credit environment.

Having recognized this gap in the market, Fintech Group’s Executive Director, George Wainana said “Following together with our Canadian-based partner, 4th Wave, we are unveiling our cloud-based financial capital platform – Kapilink. As Fintech we are confident that Kapilink will precipitate an unheralded growth in supply chain financing in emerging economies across the African continent.”

To commemorate this strategic partnership, Partha Saha, 4thWave’s Senior Vice President – Global Market Development stated, “We are confident that 4thWave’s experience in Supply Chain Financing in emerging economies coupled with Fintech Group’s deep insights of Sub-Saharan Africa, will alleviate the financing issues that plague SMEs in these countries while catalysing inclusive economic growth by introducing a paradigm shift in SME financing.”

Fintech Group logo with tag line "Transformative Technology"About Fintech Group

Fintech Group is a leading enterprise information technology solutions and services provider that helps the Financial Services Industry transform, improve efficiency, and elevate their value through Core, Payment and Channel technology solutions.

Headquartered in Mauritius, Fintech has offices in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe which has enabled them to successfully deliver solutions to over 20 countries across Africa, making Fintech a preferred service provider in the region.


About 4th Wave

4thWave is a Canada based B2B FinBaaS Platform provider with focus on providing white labelled Digital Platforms solutions to the Banks and Financial Institutions in emerging economies. The 4th Wave platform has laser like focus in increasing Revenue for our partner financial institutions.

The company has been founded by successful professionals and serial entrepreneurs with years of experience in Banking and Technology domain in global markets.


To learn more about how Kapilink facilitates a win-win situation for financial institutions, Anchors and MSMEs, contact us: