Polycup Presenting

Polycup Osero (Head of Marketing, Fintech Kenya) presenting during the conference where he talked on FINTECH's Dispute Resolution Technology for enhancing digital operational excellence


Addis Ababa hosted The 5th Ethiopia Banking & ICT Summit on 27th April, 2018.The summit which attracted heads of ICT sections in different banks in Ethiopia and professionals in related businesses was held at Sheraton Hotel. Fintech,with representation from Polycup Osero, had the opportunity to be a part of the sponsors of the Summit, which was organised by Cyber security Africa.


With the aim of the summit being familiarizing banking professionals with the latest industry trends and technology solutions for emerging challenges in the banking industry ,Polycup got a chance to shed some light on enhancing digital operational excellence and overcoming the challenges surrounding banking and ICT transformation and the impact of technological development with his presentation on dispute resolution where he outlined the steps taken by one of the online dispute resolution technology systems developed by FINTECH   that can be used for reconciliation of  transactional errors transparently by involving all parties who have taken part in the transactions within a financial system.


Polycup Lawrence

Polycup Osero (FINTECH) & Lawrence Muka (KENSWITCH) at the Conference in Addis


Apart from reducing reconciliation errors in the tiring manual paper-based system, it also allows pro-active pick up of unmatched transactions round the clock, manages automatic variance adjustments intelligently and manages large volumes quickly which results to efficiency in the process


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